CanAm Trade Ltd. was founded on 1.8.1998 in Tampere, Finland. CanAm Trade has D&B AAA-rating.

CanAm Trade originally started operations in 1995 under the name of Fenno Trade Ltd. in Toronto, Canada.

Field of activity

CanAm Trade consists of two business units. The original business idea is the exporting of consumer goods, machinery, and raw materials. CanAm Trade mainly works on an agency basis, but in addition does partake in the retailing business. Currently CanAm Trade has import/export contacts to 50 countries.

In addition, business activities include market research, consulting, and some training services; training programs have been conducted at the Tampere University of Technology MBA program, and commercial functions arranged by the business department of the Embassy of Canada in Finland.

CanAm Trade’s other business unit works as an importer and import agent selling goods to the Finnish market.

Background information

CanAm Trade’s CEO Olli Pöllänen has created the foundation for the company’s success on experience such as: managerial marketing positions in Exel Oyj; CEO of Exel Sport Ltd; Consul and Trade Commissioner of Finland in Toronto.

Contact information:

Olli Pöllänen

CanAm Trade Oy

Tel: +358-3-5343440
Fax: +358-3-5343441
Mobile: +358-400-955271