Beachcomber hot tubs

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are suitable for winter and summer use. Installation is easy, all you need is a level surface, water (e.g. from a hose), and electricity. Click here to browse models

Beachcomber ulkoporeallas

All Hybrid Edition models use up to 40% less energy and they include the following as standard:

  • Protec 4WALL sealed insulation package
  • Reflex foot massage
  • Britewerx silver nozzles
  • Enviroskirt maintenance free cabintery (outer paneling)
  • Power Guard heatshield cover
  • HushPump filtration, water circulation ja heating
  • EverLite ambience lighting
  • Perma-Seal foundation
  • SafeAxiss Steps for easy access
  • Pre-plumbing for the extra accessory, ClearAxis UV sanitization disinfectant system

Delivery includes personal useage and maintenance guidance.

Delivery condition: freely in the Tampere area, or with prior agreement at the customer’s installation location.

Click here to browse models

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