Adirondack-trädgårdsmöbler och Pipe Line utefacklor prislista 2021

Prices include Finnish value added tax (VAT) of 24%.

Adirondack chair, white
Maximum width 78cm, depth 90cm, height 90cm
272,00 €
Adirondack chair cushion, grey 45,00 €
Adirondack chair, untreated 248,00 €
Adirondack chair, western red cedar untreated 529,00 €
Adirondack dining table chair, white
Maximum width 68cm, depth 70cm, height 95cm, seating height 40-44cm
250,00 €
Adirondack chair, white, kids model 239,00 €
Adirondack chair, untreated, kids model 216,00 €
Adirondack footrest, white 109,00 €
Adirondack footrest, untreated 102,00 €
Adirondack footrest, western red cedar untreated 234,00 €
Adirondack table, white 106,00 €
Adirondack table, untreated 102,00 €
Adirondack table, western red cedar untreated 232,00 €
Adirondack cocktail/coffee table, round
diameter 100cm, height 55cm
height is the same as the Adirondack chair armrest height
740,00 €
Adirondack dining table,
similar to the cocktail table,
but with height 71cm and diameter 120cm
810,00 €
Dining table, white, length 1900mm x height 950mm x table top thickness 30mm 420,00 €
Aino stool, white 108,00 €
Bar stool, white 110,00 €
Big Wave torchers in a gift package,
Price includes 6kg concrete base
29,00 €
Potato peeler with Exel fiberglass handle 30,00€
Potato peeler with Exel fiberglass telescope handle 35,00€

All chairs are also available in the customer’s desired color, with an added price of 20€/item including VAT. Minimum order 5 items per color.

Delivery terms: to be agreed

Payment terms: to be agreed

Can Am Trade premium class Adirondack furniture are carefully handmade with care. The used wood is branchless pine. Certain parts prone to high amounts of strain are made with birch. The furniture is painted with high quality furniture paint developed for outdoor use. Note that the products are not manufactured in East Asia.

More info and orders:

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